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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Slice of Life - Sunglasses

We're in the dog-days of summer, so what better time to check out what kind of sunglasses people are wearing? We've got the $5 to the $1,200 here today (and I'm such a pleb, I can't rightly tell the difference, to be honest.) Here are the sunglasses everyone was wearing on a Friday in late July.

Alison Beaton takes a break.

Alison Bellach Sonderegger poses in an office.

Allison Gayton looks so fab.

Amber Snommis. Need I say anything? Too amazing.

And she was able to get a world-record FOUR people into this selfie. Including Janel Copeland, Scylla Kat, and Cassanda Gill.

Andrea Wagner says these are her "special occasion" glasses. Too rad for day-today use.

Angie Birney and her adorable child.

Kid bomb! These are Tracey Baker Birch's children, looking too cool for school.

Chrissy McIlwraith says her husband says these are too large for her face. Wrong!

Erin Newton and husband. Love these.

This is me. I'm not sure why I look like a mean bug, but you know, it is what it is.

Jeanine Firlit has not one but two badass pairs. Friends in high place, yo.

Jepeczenka Svadakovic rocks the aviators. Like a boss.

Kat Walter and her son, looking stunning as always.

Kimberly Wright and her daughter in what is my favorite picture of this series.

My neighbor, Leah Braxton. IE: Too cute for words.

My cousin, Mikey Margerelli, who takes home the award for person I most miss after not seeing for more than 20 years.

Sarah Stanford wears sunglasses and babies.

Sarah Tormey in an awesome top.

Sascha Fernandez. I think Maddie helped her pick these out?

One of my favorite FBers, Stacy Jo Juskevice joins the show!

Tamara Colbert. She wants you to know she's on the right. lol

Teresa and Leah Braxton. Because if you can't make a duckface with your toddler, who can you do it with?

A more serious Teresa.

Teresa LeBleu Williams in the car!

Tobi Wolf and her husband, who, it appears, has those two-in-one glasses.

Tracey Baker Birch in the glamorous look.

And that's it. All the sunglasses of the summer as worn on that day in July.


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