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Friday, November 2, 2018

Advice You Need to Give to Your Children Going to College

Do you have children who have just started college or will be soon? Starting college is a big moment in both the parents’ and child’s life and something that is really hard to prepare for. Here, we are taking you through our top pieces of advice that you will need to give to your children going to college to help them through their years of education.

Connect with the Professors
An important piece of advice that you need to give to your children going to college is to encourage them to connect with their professors. The professors will be the best resource in any class that your children take and they will also be able to help you in other ways such as providing you with future career advice, connecting you with alumni and even writing letters of recommendation which is extremely important. Professors will always want the best for their students and so your children should make as much use out of them as they can.

Have A Study Buddy
When your children go to college, they will be meeting lots of new people and you should stress the importance to them of having a friend who they can study with. Your children should be spending a lot of time studying and in the college library, so it is good to have a friend with them and especially one who is studying the same major. What’s more, this will also give you a guaranteed partner when it comes to group projects.

Stay on Top of Your Health
New students tend to throw themselves straight into college life which means lots of beer, parties and late nights. While this is all ultimately part of the college experience, it is important to communicate with your children that they still need to place a focus on their health. When you are not eating well and exercising and not getting enough sleep, this can quickly take a toll on your body and you will have a severe lack of energy which will affect your studies. Students should also be told how important it is to take time to relax for their own mental health.

Open Up A Student Bank Account
For the majority of students, college will be the first time that they are away from home and in charge of their own finances. Tell your children to open their own account so that they can manage things properly. One option is the BB&T student account which is designed for the student lifestyle. This will provide them with a host of benefits including online banking, no minimum balance requirements, no maintenance fees and no direct deposit requirements. With an account like this, they will have the financial independence that they need for their student lifestyle.

Study Abroad

One thing that many students usually say that they wish they had done is study abroad. Travelling can help you to open your eyes to different cultures, help you to learn a new language and take in a different kind of educational experience to just sitting in a classroom. Your children may not have the luxury of spending months abroad in the future, so encourage them to do it now.


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