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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Top Cultural Activity Ideas for Kids

If you are sick and tired of your kids being glued to the television screen or their tablet or smartphone, then it’s high time you took matters back into your own hands! Why not show them who’s boss, and be sure to ration all those hours that they spend using their electronics in favor of more cultural and holistic activities? From learning a musical instrument or skill, such as cooking, to going to see a Broadway show or even an art exhibition, there are a range of fun ways that you can introduce a bit of culture into your kids’ lives – and best of all, they might even enjoy it too!

Visit an Art Gallery

From the Metropolitan to the Moma, or even the Guggenheim, no matter where you live in the US, you may be surprised by the wealth of art collections that are only a short drive away. So, if you don’t want your kids to associate art galleries with boring class days out, then it’s time to show them that art is accessible to everyone. Take time to explain to your kids why they should learn to look at art. Keep it fun and light, they only have a short attention span after all, and ask your kids what they like about the paintings or sculptures that they see. You may even be surprised to find that you have a little Picasso living under your roof.

See a Show

If your kids dream of making it big as a celebrity, or even if they spend hours watching Glee, then taking them to see a Broadway show will make all their dreams come true, well into next year. Check out websites such as to find the exact date, show and time that you want to see. Once you’ve found the ideal show for you and your family, make sure that you leave the house with plenty of time to make it to the theater. Seeing a show is a great way to inspire your kids to use their imagination and embrace their cultural side. So, make sure that you give their dreams and ambitions room to grow.

Take a Class

Ok, your kids might roll their eyes at the thought of taking more classes, especially if they already have a packed schedule from school and sports practice, but don’t let their moaning put you off. A class is a great way to teach your kids a new skill, and be imaginative and inventive – all while learning from a professional at their own speed. Cookery is the ideal way to encourage your kids to experiment with new tastes and flavors, plus it’s a life skill that will be very useful in the future.
If you worry that your children are spending too much time on tech, then keep these tips in mind to ensure that your little darlings enjoy some much-needed culture in their lives. Even if they grumble at the thought, they will secretly love any new activities that you plan for them.


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