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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The spirit world is waiting for a good way! -- Guest Post

When I was 11 years old, I had my first paranormal experience. At that time, I had no idea what the word paranormal meant. In fact, I didn’t even believe that there could be spirits or “ghosts” lurking on this planet. Some may call it naivety; I call it innocence. I have always been the type to want to learn more about the occult. At an early age, I was mesmerized by events surrounding Halloween and the mayhem that accompanies it. The first item that drew my attention was the Oujia board, as I had seen it used in my horror movies of the time. Unbeknownst to me, my mom took me on a surprise trip to Toys R’ Us. As I was skimming through the board games, I came across the Oujia board. Who knew that Milton-Bradley offered divination tools, but I knew I had to have it. It took me weeks to save up, but it was worth it. I remember the checkout lady giving me a weird look as I was smiling from ear-to-ear, but I had no care in the world. I knew that I would be using it as soon as I got home!

The first thing I did when I went home, was call my cousin. She always talked about the Ouija board, but she never would have thought that I would have it. As soon as she found out, we organized a date and time to try it out. It just so happened that she would be visiting me that night, so the excitement was even higher. Later that night, my cousin and I opened the box for the first time. We both sat on the floor, and glared at the box. Inside was this mysterious board, full of letters of numbers. On the side was the piece that glided over the board, of course by itself because we would never push it with our fingers on purpose. With everything setup, we turned out the lights. I got my father’s flashlight to add some lighting on the board, and we began to ask questions. It didn’t take long before we realized that we weren’t alone. The flashlight began to trickle its luminosity, and the gliding piece was circling hectically on the board. Freaked out, we stared at each other. That’s when it happened. As I leaned back against the wall, I felt a hand or arm against my back. All I could feel was this chilly presence around me. My room became extremely dark, and cold. My cousin and I began crying, and ran down the stairs. Out of panic, I jumped half way down the staircase and almost broke my elbow. The adrenaline scared the crap out of me, but it also confirmed to me that this was something worth investigating in the future.

Spirits, or “ghosts”, have long been a topic of discussion whether it is good or bad. For centuries, communication to the other side has been explored through various mediums. Societies throughout the world have considered this area of life taboo, but there always existed those who were blessed with the ability to communicate with the dead. Sadly, this also has led people to abuse this gift and make money off those seeking closure or guidance from deceased friends and relatives. Despite all of this, Hollywood still continues to make huge profits of paranormal investigations via reality television and film. In my case, it took years for me to develop a peaceful connection with the Spirit world. As a practicing Hindu Pagan, my spiritual path is combination of traditional Hindu deity worship intertwined with Wicca. Throughout the years, this path has enriched my sensitivity to spirits and has opened channels of communication. Through meditation and fervent desire, I allowed my spirit to connect to their world through many tests of personal life challenges. It hasn’t been easy, but God and Goddess above (and their various avatars throughout time), have finally provided me the way.

As an adult in my mid-30s, this paranormal fever is stronger than ever. It took me many years to finally dedicate time and money into exploring this field. Researching techniques and tips on paranormal investigation on YouTube, I discovered my “role model” in the field. Steve Huff, from Huff Paranormal, has been a guiding light in redefining myself as an amateur, but avid, paranormal investigator. His videos contain tremendous evidence, much so that he is the most valid investigator at the moment. As a result of his work, he was able to get the attention of another paranormal investigator and mobile application developer, Anthony Sanchez from Both teamed up, and created the first, authentic “ghost box” named the SCD-1. This tool has been a blessing, because it has allowed an amateur like me to explore the Spirit world head on. My first session produced amazing results, while my second session confirmed the validity of the device through Spirit communication. As a result of such promising results, I have decided to visit various landmarks around Gainesville, Florida and surrounding areas with the SCD-1. North Florida is now my official paranormal playground, and I can’t wait to communicate with those on the “other side”.

Apart from being an amateur paranormal investigator, Carlos Alberto Soria is the main writer for the blog, “THE LOS PERSPECTIVE: The Journey and Adventures of a Hindu Pagan”. In addition, he is the main content creator for LOSMEDIASTUDIOS.COM, a start-up, online media studio located in Gainesville, FL. While he loves helping students succeed during the day at the University of Florida, his main passion is film, photography, and digital arts. 


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