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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Taking the Single Biggest Risk Out Of Nurseries -- S Post

Following years of tragic stories regarding the risks of blinds and children, it's no surprise to see that many parents are absolutely terrified about the dangers of these systems with their own little ones. Fortunately, the blinds industry has reacted accordingly and has developed products which are much safer. However, for peace of mind at least, let's take a look at just how the nursery can be made completely safe around the windows.

To start with, let's give a special mention to cordless blinds. Forget insulated shades, forget solar shades, forget the top-down bottom-up invention, the cordless blind is unquestionably the biggest development in this industry. This is the product which has virtually eradicated all of the risks that the press have unfortunately been made aware of over the years. Blinds no longer have to have dangling strings attached; they can be manipulated through other means which are much, much safer for nurseries.

Of course, not every blind in the land operates via such means. If you own one that falls into this category, it's time to read on. It's not the end of the world; blinds can be made much safer.
Firstly, always use each and every piece that the manufacturer supplies. A lot of people just like to get the blind up and running - forgetting about the small cleats that are at the bottom of the box. The truth is, these are life-saving devices. They might just seem to be there for convenience, but by tying the cords around these cleats you are immediately reducing the risk of a tragedy.

Next, we're onto blind stops. These are slightly less well-known, simply because they are hidden in the header of the blind. They are formed as a basic knot and are designed to stop the cords from being lost in the header. There are occasions where they are positioned incorrectly though, and this is where safety concerns occur. They can result in the cord dangling excessively and unsurprisingly, this is a major safety concern.

Another suggestion doesn’t even involve any parts that arrive with the blinds kit. Instead, it’s all about the layout of the nursery. During the initial months of your newborn’s life, this won’t be much of an issue. However, once they start to explore, you need to ensure that any furniture is firmly away from windows. Whether it’s a table, chest of drawers or anything else – just make sure it can’t be used as climbing frame. The aim is to make these windows as inaccessible as possible, just to reduce the risks again.

Fortunately, if you can follow the suggestions which have been mentioned, you almost eradicate the risks. It should be noted that while the preferred option for any nursery is a set of cordless blinds, if you take the appropriate steps blinds that function with standard cords can be safe too. It’s all about knowing how to use them, and keep the cords out of harm’s way.

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