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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Slice of Life - Desks

Whether at home or at work, most of us have a desk we use for something or another. Sometimes they're clean and organized...probably more times they're not. Here are dozens of desks, all as they were exactly one afternoon.

Ben Weiss works in a library.
Emily Abbott was on lunch her desk.
Janel Copeland, multitasker
Joan Good using her desk as a carrier while she cleans the rest of her house.
Kathy Harper, relaxing for a brief her desk.

Mandy Lewin with the important Coke-water combo.
Michele Fleury just moved in.

Michelle Guidetti uses these drawers as a desk.

Cece Azadi has a desk that she uses...

But often finds herself working from the table instead.

Emily Santanella paints at her desk.

Janette McGuire with one of the more intricate desks.

Joella Striebel with a two-piecer.

Kay Holder uses her soon-to-be baby as a desk. I remember those days.

Mandy MacKay using the slice as motivation to clean her desk.

Patricia Frederickson's desk was the inspiration. ^^^

Stacy Hochstein also has a two-desk system.

This is where she does most of her work.

Alixandra Hainkel with thread-winning laundry desk.
Jackie Dotson actually gets work done at her desk.

Jennie Muzzy with the most New England desk I've ever seen.

Josh Parsons can't show his desk...for security reasons.

Lisa Cuellar...simple and sleek.

Marissa Geoffroy's desk looks super professional.

Sascha Fink's boyfriend has a desk with awesome adornments.

And so does she.

Andrea Wagner with the wrap-around.

Donnelle Belanger-Taylor is always the busiest.

Jacoba Urist with the ultra important floor-paper spread and the post-it notes. Must haves.

Jessica Blizzard with tiers of stuff.

Karalyn Foster with one of our only computerless desks.

Liz Hawksworth, social media manager extraordinaire.

This is me. Typical.

Tim Percoski had an excellent science joke here...but I forgot it! Also typical.

There you have it. Home or work. We live at our desks.

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