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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to Take the Best Fall Pictures - Contributor Post

It's full-swing fall, and here to give tips on taking great seasonal pictures is Alex Nguyen from Alex Nguyen Portraits!


Here in the Pacific Northwest where I live, it is definitely fall. When I walk my kiddo to the bus stop in the morning, if it's not pouring rain on us we like to play the crunching-as-many-leaves-as-possible game. Fall is also my favorite time for outdoor pictures. The scenery is beautiful, there are so many opportunities between apple picking in the orchards, pumpkin picking at the pumpkin patches, playing outside in the leaves, or just dressing up in halloween costumes. Here are six easy tips to keep in mind to capture those moments with your own kiddos.  

1. Keep it simple.
I think everyone has seen the Pinterest picture of the baby in the pumpkin. I'm here to tell you - it's NOT THAT EASY. Instead, put an adorable pumpkin hat on your baby, and snap a picture that way. Here I put my baby in a basket to make sure he didn't crawl away. WAY more comfortable than trying to squeeze him into a pumpkin.

2. Pull Out Props!
These are apples from our yard, but you can try to find an U-Pick apple orchard near your area, and take some adorable pictures as well.
This was super easy, I just put apples 0n the ground and set my kiddo down to sit among them.

3. Sibling Poses: make them laugh
For my two boys, I had them lay down, then told them a joke while I took a picture above them. It cracked them up, and I got some cute smiles out of the deal.

4. Don't forget to capture the funny moments as well
my youngest really wanted the apple my husband was eating, and pulled his arm down to grab a bite. I snapped a picture while I was laughing because it was totally his personality.

5. Always have your camera on hand!
We were walking at an outside mall when my boys started throwing leaves at each other. It was super cute. For this picture, I had my husband throw leaves on the boys while I snapped pictures
I had taken my kiddo to the park, and saw these beautiful leaves. We weren't dressed up or anything, but it was too pretty to not try to get some pictures. I had him throw some up in the air to get the falling leaves pictures.
The red leaves made such a pretty contrast to the green grass, so I also had him lie down for a few snaps as well.
This was totally unplanned, but look at how wonderful the pictures turned out. Since we weren't dressed up, neither of us were stressed out about messing up the clothes, or getting dirty in the grass.
This was on a different day, and we found yellow leaves for a background. Again, no stress, just had my kiddo lie down and snapped a shot.

6. Don't forget to take costume pictures when your kids aren't trick or treating!
My youngest was Captain America last year, and he *loved* his costume and wore it everywhere. We went to the park, and I got some of the cutest smiles ever on camera.


Picture taking doesn't need to be planned, with dressy outfits, and stressed out parents or kids trying to keep clean. It can be spontaneous, and fun, and joyous as well. Always keep your camera on you (even if it's just a cell phone), and look for those moments to capture. Hope these fall picture taking tips helped!


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