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Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to Help Your Teen Pass Their Driving Test - S post

Passing your driving test can be a pretty momentous thing when you're 17, and most people who learned to drive as soon as they were old enough remember the experience with pride. If you have a teenage son or daughter who is about to start learning to drive, you probably want to support and help them as much as you can, so that they can get this big achievement for themselves without too much stress or frustration.

Here are some ways you can assist your child in the process of learning to drive, studying for their theory test, and ultimately getting their driver's license:

Make Sure Your Own Theory Knowledge and Driving Skills are on Point

Before you start giving your child advice or tips, or helping them to study their theory or practice driving, make sure that you yourself are fully knowledgeable about things like the Highway Code, and that you aren't exhibiting any bad driving habits that have developed over the years. The theory test may well have changed since you did your own, and there may have been changes to the laws of the road, so test your own knowledge at Toptests. Most people pick up some bad driving habits over time, and while these may not be a big deal in everyday driving, ask yourself if you could pass the driving test with the way you drive now. If you aren't sure that you could, revise your own skills and knowledge so you don't give your child the wrong advice or teach them things their instructor or examiner won't like!

Help Them Study Theory

While online resources are great and can give your teen all the practice they need ahead of their theory test, it can also be good to help them study by posing the questions from mock theory tests yourself. This way, you can explain any wrong answers and answer their questions, leaving them feeling more confident that they understand the topic and will get it right next time.

Practice Driving

Perhaps the scariest part of having a teen who is learning to drive is when they want to practice with you in your car, but this is also one of the best ways for them to practice and prepare (and can also save you money on lessons). Do, however, wait until they are far enough along with their proper lessons to be comfortable and safe driving in a car that doesn't have the security of dual controls.

This will also help your own nerves about being in a car driven by a learner!

These are just a few things to think about if you are looking to help your teenager pick up good driving skills, feel happy behind the wheel, and pass their theory and practical tests first time!


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