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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Slice of Life - Shirts

This week, I thought we'd check in on what everyone was wearing, as the weather changes. Turns out, t-shirts were the order of the day. Casual Friday? Yes, please.

Let's start with a Bazinga! shall we? Sarah Stanford.

Samantha Williams in her fancy gray shirt.

Patricia Frederickson, Georgia Regents University

Melissa Elfers with a kind reminder.
Julia Bulia. And...I don't even know what that means!

The first (and maybe only?) sweater on the list, heralding from up north, Emily Santanella.
Carrie Masters correctly observing that "it's so hard to take a torso selfie without it looking indecent."

Amber Appleton labeled this a "boring green shirt" but it basically shut her whole FB down. The scandal, folks.
Actually, Alex Nguyen, it is an emergency. Let's go.
Alison Gayton. "Dirty tank top, check. Cat that literally won't get out of my face? Double check."
Amber Snommis. "Happy Halloween from cube land."
Chrissy McIlwraith - our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Gina Storowitz, checking in from up north.

Jepeczenka Svadakovic and Zane. Thug for life.

Kat Walter's dog was wearing a shirt.

Moira Parker - believe in love.

Raeven Zayas and her matching baby!

Sara Ess in a borrowed cardigan.
Stacy Jo Juskevice looks like she's flying!

Tiffany Hunter, again a northerner.
Sarah Tormey - "shirt selfies are hard!"

Russ Wait. Sorry can't pay attention to the shirt. The beard is too rad.

It's me! I've had this shirt since high school.
Lisa Cuellar. At work?

Jolene Bauckman, a northerner in short sleeves!
Greg Elfers in one of my favorite shirts ever.

Debbie Frediana in Thumper scrubs!

Andrea Wagner checks in from the northeast!
Amanda Lewin, hanging in her PJs until picking up the kids.

We're a similar group, in our upper fashion choices, it would seem. But a cool one. I'll take it!



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