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Friday, April 8, 2016

Kubitzi -- A clothing boutique you need to know about

A while back I was approached to try out some fabulous clothing from an up-and-coming boutique, Kubitzi.

Of course, they say on their site that they're for the 20-something set, an age group I sadly passed years ago. But thankfully, there actually is no age limit to style, and if you like it, you should wear it. I'm firmly opposed to all those "stop wearing this if you're over 30" lists. Because, no.

Still, there are certain looks I'm not about to want to pull off at this stage in my life, but Kubitzi sells everything from sexy club looks to professional women's wear.

Now, I'm not going to lie, when I got my outfit, I was certain it was not going to fit me, even a little. The sizing is European, and I am definitely of American stature, physically. At 5'9" and 150 pounds, I cannot be considered petite. So, as you browse, keep in mind that the outfit I'm about to show you is as big as their sizes currently run. So, we're looking at U.S. sizes 6-8 and below. And a size 7-8 shoe.

Everyone with me? Okay, great. So, here's what you've all been waiting for! My pictures. Remember, I am not a professional, and I don't even have a person who is not 7 years old to take photos of me, so you're getting mirror selfies, and the like. But on the plus side, if you wanted to know what clothes look like on an average person with average to poor photography skills, this will definitely not disappoint. The images I'm posting are probably the realest fashion photos you'll ever see in a promo post.

Before we get to me, here is what it looks like online:

Okay, so, that's how it looks online, and I'm confident posting my pictures below because, honestly, the online depiction was pretty spot on. I'm not as great at capturing it, but these pants DO make my butt look like that, and the jacket DOES close like that. And the body suit...well, the body suit is exactly as advertised.

So, if I were a clothing model and this were a catwalk, I feel pretty on point. But I'm not and this isn't. And this is a whole lot of suit to pull off. And boobs.

BUT BUT BUT. I can separate them, yeah? And get half the overwhelming effect which is just perfect for my freelance writing, mom needs.

My friends agreed. (I have a posse of fashion gurus who help me match on a daily basis. They were there for me today.)

This was the winner of every single combination I tried. This is what I'm wearing right now, actually, to sit in a Starbucks and type out this review. I've gotten many compliments.

Second runner up was this, although  my friends worried the button up of the black might make it too dressy and compete with the busy pants. I like it. I feel like it's a good Tuesday look.

This is a more casual take, but I still think it works.

This was the most favorite of the jacket pairings. People seem to go for the white calming effect with the patterning.

The black is the one where buttoning the jacket worked, and I must confess, I prefer the jacket buttoned. I like how it makes my torso look.

To pull this one off, I would have to be super intense, I think. Luckily, I usually am.

And Kubitzi sells more than this kind of look.

Shirts, skirts, dresses, active wear, they've got it.

Anyway, go check them out. Kubitzi. I'm satisfied, for real.

They also ship for free to the UK, Canada and the US, and they're as green as possible about it. And if you use Darlena10 as a promo code, you get 10 percent off your purchase.


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