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Slice of Life

Let's start with a Bazinga! shall we?

In honor of my five-year wedding anniversary last week, I asked people to post pictures of their rings (any rings!) that they were wearing right then. And the results? Amazing. Here are the rings people from all over the world were wearing on the Friday afternoon of August 16th, 2013:
Yasmin Darling isn't married yet, but she wears this ring daily to give her strength and courage. And, yes, this too shall pass.

We're in the dog-days of summer, so what better time to check out what kind of sunglasses people are wearing? We've got the $5 to the $1,200 here today (and I'm such a pleb, I can't rightly tell the difference, to be honest.) Here are the sunglasses everyone was wearing on a Friday in late July.

Teresa and Leah Braxton. Because if you can't make a duckface with your toddler, who can you do it with?

Women around the world wear orange to stand with Wendy in Texas for women's rights.

The slice-of-life posts can get pretty personal, so I decided to take it all the way last month and ask for people's recycling.

Not surprisingly, I didn't get as many responses.

But what is surprising is why

Alison Beaton's Christmas hat is her favorite. It got her out of a traffic ticket once!
Shoes: The shoes 70 random people were wearing on Friday, May 17th.

Mom Kimberly Wright with self-caption "because who needs to wear shoes like an adult, right?"

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