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Monday, May 5, 2014

Slice of Life - Glasses

This edition of Slice of Life is a special request for one young boy who's nervous about going to school in his new glasses today. We're here to tell you, glasses are AWESOME.

Andy Foley can't even wait to take the tags off.

A mother-daughter team with Barbie and Nikki Contreras!

Cade Russell got his first pair at four. Next up? Hot pink ones.

Corina Maria has many glasses wearers in her family! This is one of her sons.

You know these two are our favorites! Emilie and Eli Blanton.

Jess Palmer and her daughter rock a pair a piece!

Joan Good's family owns stock in glasses. Here's one of her sons. Stay tuned for more!
Josh Van Vranken "volunteered!"

Lisa Cuellar, looking cute as always!

They even wear glasses in Canada! Melissa Elfers.

Patricia Frederickson rocks them.

From child to adult, Sara Ess has been wearing them (and making them work with every fashion. Stay tuned.)

Shellie Guidetti, lounging at home.

Stacie Jankowski, for the win!

Alison and Aislyn Gayton, mom and daughter!

Another child to adult comparison, Anne Theriault, rocking them through the ages.

Brooklynn Williams because cutest.

Cade's mommy, Cheryl Russell.

Danielle Adams and her beautiful child and delicious-looking food.
Jennifer "made for glasses" Alter

Joan Good and her daughter Audrey. Ie: Happiness in glasses.

Jolene Avery-Bauchman. Stunning.

Lil Miss. She's actually killed me with cute, tbh.

Melanie and Libby Greeke. Owning it like the bosses they are.

Oak Andrews for the studious look.

These next two? Sara Ess again. Because glasses. At all times and with all looks. Amaze.

Sarah Yarnes loves her glasses!

Stacey Murkette's daughter. I could seriously look at this photo all day. Wow, adorbs.

Xander Belanger-Taylor looks downright sassy and chic.

Alison Beaton. Thumbs up.

Brenna Davies and her daughter, looking fierce and happy.
Carlos Soria cheers on the Gators in his frames.

Courtney Knight loved glasses so hard, she faked eye trouble as a kid to get hers early. (But then she actually needed them anyway).

Glasses make for better side-eyes. Which is something you'll need in life...a lot. Ask Hazel Hasselhoff.

Bam. Phillip and Jill Copeland. Twins of striking glory.

The rest of Joan Good's family in various states of HAPPY.

Kristen Duvall's sweetness shines through.

MaryAnne Luther. Because sometimes glasses simply complete a look.

Monika Costa, looking cute as ever.

Samantha Williams. Whether wearing babies or not, she's wearing glasses.

Sara Ess, guys. I'm saying, glasses with EVERY look.

Sarah Tormey and her baby boy.

Skylla Kat. Damn, what an amazing photo, though.

Tiffany Yusup, chillaxing.

We saw Aislyn already, but her sister Lyra wanted in on the action!

Ani's daughter doesn't need glasses, but wears play ones to be like mom.

Bree Casson, since the 4th grade.

My husband. Of course. **bows**

Corina Marie's daughter also doesn't need glasses! She wears vanity ones because she loves the look so much!

Emily Santanella, rocking the prof look.

Jessica Wanat. Angelic.

Katy Pika. Fierce.

Lucy Santanella. Adorable.

Missy Sturtevant loves glasses!

The perfect accent for purple hair! Sarah Evans.

Skylla Kat's boyfriend. Couples in glasses!

Teresa Williams and her lovely sister!

Jackie Monck's got six pairs!

Here she is sporting her librarian pair. Fun fact: her mom had almost the exact same pair when she was Jackie's age!

So, you see? Cool people of all ages and styles rock the glasses. And so. do. you. Good luck, little bro! We love you!



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